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Tailoring Dimensions

At Humblino, we believe that clothing should be constructed with all dimensions in focus. Every day our brand evolves in leveraging technology and elevating craftsmanship standards, but most importantly improving our approach to know you better as an individual. Only then can we continue to master the art of delivering personalized articles of clothing that uniquely represent you, your style and your attitude towards moving forward in life. Our view of Tailoring Dimensions.

Our Story

SizeWiz| Technology PERFECTING fit

Anthropometric data combined with a modern approach to custom fit. Answer a few questions regarding your body and fit preferences. SizeWiz will then calculate your perfect custom size in less than a minute. Perfect Fit Guaranteed!

Find My Profect Fit

How it Works ?

  • | Order online or via our stylists
  • - Receive custom clothing within 2-3 weeks
  • | Try it on for fit and comfort
  • - If necessary make changes to improve overall fiit - we will make it right
  • | Your custom fit profile will be saved for easy re-ordering - at the touch of a button

Always look good and feel confident, so you can focus on doing what you do best

  • Custom
  • Conversations
  • To Custom Clothing
GET TAILORED Currently Massachusetts only

Fit Guarantee

  • At Humblino, our first priority is
  • to put together your most
  • perfect fitting clothing
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